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AIM The purpose of this study was to develop a linear regression model to predict treadmill VO2max scores using non-exercise data. METHODS In this cross sectional study, one hundred twenty college-aged participants (60 male, 60 female, mean age 22.02±2.29 years) voluntarily participated and successfully completed a maximal graded exercise test (GXT) on a(More)
Thunderstorms associated with severe gusty winds and lightening cause loss of life and property even though they last for an hour or so. Forecasting of these severe weather events is highly essential due to their impact on socioeconomic conditions of affected regions. Kharagpur (22°30′ N, 87°20′ E) is in the region of Gangetic West Bengal (GWB) affected by(More)
An extended fractional Fourier transform (FRT) based fringe-adjusted joint transform correlator (JTC) for real-time target recognition applications has been implemented. In real-time situation, the input scene is captured using a chargecoupled device camera. The joint input images are fractional Fourier transformed and the joint power spectrum (JPS) has(More)
Supernumerary teeth are extra teeth. When they are present in the nasal cavity, they are called nasal tooth. Supernumerary teeth are reported from mandible, orbit, palate, maxillary antrum and nasal cavity. Eruption of teeth into these sites are rare and easily overlooked(l). Although, they are asymptomatic, they may prevent and delay the eruption of normal(More)
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