Bhawna Pant

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The prevalence of obesity has increased worldwide in all segments of the population due to increased industrialization, urbanization, mechanization, and associated changes in diet and lifestyles. Change in diet habit of consuming more high energy fast foods and shifting to sedentary lifestyle has affected our children and also increased the risk of chronic(More)
Primary localized amyloidosis in the head and neck region is a rare entity. The most commonly involved organ is larynx. Primary amyloidosis localized to the sinonasal tract is extremely rare. We report one such case along with a brief review of the associated literature. The aim of reporting this case is to emphasize the fact that sometimes nasal(More)
The beneficial effect of seed priming in improving critical growth stages like seed germination and early growth phases has been accepted by Plant Physiologists for many important field crops. In the present investigation, studies were made to see the effect of heavy metal stress imposed during germination using solution of HgCl2 in four different(More)
The prevalence of RTIs in 600 married females (15-44 yrs.) representing 12 subcentre villages of Daurala block of Meerut was 35.3%. The reproductive tract infections were significantly associated with place of last delivery (P< 0.001), person conducted the last delivery (P< 0.001) and in women had history of abortions (P< .005).
Demographic imbalance created because of the declining sex ratio in India is a cause of concern to policy makers, implementers, demographers and social reformers. To take situation under control, Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PNDT) Act is operational since 1996. Authors have critically reviewed the status of women and socio-cultural factors influencing(More)
This health center based study was conducted to find out the proportion and distribution of clinico-social factors for sexually transmitted diseases among male OPD attanders of urban health centre, Subharti Medical College, Meerut. Out of the total 150 male cases of genital diseases from January to June 2005, 42 were found to be symptomatic for STDs(More)
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