Bhawna Aggarwal

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In this paper, low voltage cascode current mirror based on bulk-driven MOSFET (operating in linear region) and floating-gate MOSFET are presented. The proposed circuits are simulated using SPICE for 0.25 µm CMOS technology and their results are compared with that of conventional cascode current mirror.
A new low voltage level shifted flipped voltage follower (FVF) current mirror has been proposed. The proposed current mirror has very low input resistance and high output resistance. The proposed current mirror is shown to have wider operating range as compared to FVF based current mirror. The simulations of proposed current mirror are carried out using(More)
This paper presents a high performance Dynamic Threshold MOSFET (DTMOS) based low voltage Flip Voltage Follower-Operational Transconductance Amplifier (FVF-OTA). The proposed DTMOS based FVF-OTA combines the low voltage and high transconductance properties of DTMOS with high input impedance and wide output current range characteristics of FVF-OTA.(More)
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