Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry

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Security in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is usually thought as privacy, auditing, intrusion detection and protection. In general, the quality of signal processing is considered as issue of middleware layers. The higher values of signal to noise ratio (SNR) are vital for target detection and estimation which is the most critical objective of WSN. Despite(More)
The ultrasound imaging has the potential to become a dominant technique for noninvasive therapies and least invasive surgeries. Few cases may require using multiple probes of different units with different modes of ultrasound on the same patient. It generates imaging artifacts, which makes it complicated to gather information from the acquired image. This(More)
In developing countries Doctors or Physicians don’t like to go to the rural areas and people of rural (backwards) areas are not facilitated up to the mark. Thus the disaster situation occurs when these people are transferred to the city hospital for tertiary and mostly even for primary care. Advancement in the field of communications provided the solution(More)