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Stable isotopes of water molecules in hydrology, the water cycle and Craig's global meteoric water line (GMWL) relating δ(18)O and δ(2)H are well established with a slope of around 8 and an intercept of around 10. However, in many situations the slope is less than 8 and the intercept is smaller or even negative. These observations need to be understood and(More)
In the petrochemical industry, many processes are carried out using fixed bed reactors with concurrent upward and downward gas and liquid flows. For a catalytic trickle bed type of process column, capturing representations of steady-state flow features as well as unsteady situations like plug formation and preferential flowing is a challenging task. In(More)
Isotopic composition of water across United States is available and also baseline data prepared for more than 4800 samples (with depth and width-integrated stream samples) from 391 selected sites within USGS National Stream Quality Accounting Network (NASQAN). Data had been analyzed with respect to arrival at National Meteoric Water Line (NMWL). Large(More)
Excitation functions (EFs) for the reactions 51V(p,n)51Cr up to 15 MeV and 113In(p,n)113Sn up to 20 MeV from threshold have been measured employing the stacked foil activation technique. To the best of our knowledge EF for the reaction 113In(p,n)113Sn has been reported for the first time. The theoretical analysis of the EFs has been done employing both the(More)
An attempt has been made to analyze the data to find the original precipitate on GMWL, when there is seasonal variation and variations in intensity of rain fall at the same longitude, latitude and altitude. This has been done using the data as available for each month, weighted average of month and individual year for δ2H and δ18O for a 10-year periods.(More)
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