Bhawana Rudra

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Present Internet protocol was developed long way back with the intention to provide simple end-to-end network functionalities for network applications of 1980's. Since then many times network and its related applications were reformed over technological advancement. To support new applications more and more protocols were created as patches which resulted(More)
The diversity, heterogeneity and innovation in network application domain prompted a new era of Internet. Many technologies such as ATM, Frame Relay, X.25, etc., were developed to provide alternative for communication in networked systems, but could not succeed to get evolved as one of the alternate / replacement technology for the Internet. The Internet(More)
The emerging research to develop new architecture for next generation networks have made us think about the security incorporates "inside" the network architecture during the evolution phase. The aim is to provide better services to the user in a secured fashion. In this paper we describe three different security level approaches namely Micro level(More)
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