Bhavnita Patel

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Looking in: The penetrating power of high-energy X-rays provides a means to monitor in situ and in real time the course of ball-milling reactions of organic pharmaceutical solids by detecting crystalline phases and assessing the evolution of their particle sizes. Upon switching from neat grinding to liquid-assisted grinding, cocrystal formation is enabled(More)
Supernova “Refsdal,” multiply imaged by cluster MACS1149.5+2223, represents a rare opportunity to make a true blind test of model predictions in extragalactic astronomy, on a timescale that is short compared to a human lifetime. In order to take advantage of this event, we produced seven gravitational lens models with five independent methods, based on(More)
Multi-component organic nanocrystals that are comprised of two or more supramolecular building blocks can be used to extend the design and assembly scope of solid molecular materials. Herein, we report the use of ultrasonication to prepare halogen-bonded stilbene-based nano-cocrystals that exhibit different photoemission properties, including one- and(More)
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