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Next Generation Networks (NGN) is the evolution of the telecommunication core. It aims at the integration of various wired and wireless technologies to satisfy user requirements and to provide ubiquitous coverage anywhere, anytime. This integration of heterogeneous networks requires efficient and fast switching from one network to another which needs a(More)
With the growing demand for access to internet anytime from anywhere mobile communication has taken a great place. But for this requirement there needs to be seamless communication amongst various network technologies. Hence vertical handover is of great importance in the forthcoming scenario of mobile communication. This paper proposes an optimized(More)
The increasing demand of mobile communication is moving towards seamless communication. This had led to the revolution called Next Generation Networks (NGN). In this network to have seamless communication vertical handover plays a crucial role. Handover is a process which keeps continuity of the communication in spite of the coverage area of the present(More)
The next generation of wireless networks will provide heterogeneous wireless technologies to a mobile user, in which they can move using terminals with multiple access interfaces and non-real-time or real-time services. The most important issue in such environment is the Always Best Connected (ABC) concept allowing the best connectivity to applications(More)
Handover algorithms based on different performance metric are used to provide seamless handover and need to be evaluated in terms of unnecessary handover and missing handovers. Wrong decision probability (WDP) is one such performance metric used to measure the efficiency of handover algorithms and is measured based on Unnecessary handover probability (UHP)(More)
Today's mobile communication networks support not just simple mobile voice and data services but also access to mobile Internet-based services with varying bandwidth and quality-of-service requirements. Step towards NGN leads to heterogeneity and complexity. The rapidly growing demand for “anywhere, anytime” high-speed Internet access will be(More)
The Next Generation of wireless networks will provide ubiquitous computing by the seamless operation of heterogeneous wireless networks. It will integrate the current co-existing wireless networks to allow the users to connect to the network that best suits their needs. The next generation wireless networks are characterized by anywhere, anytime(More)