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We have developed a novel reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)-based approach for systematically quantifying in a single experiment the abundances of many different mRNAs in preimplantation mouse embryos. With this approach, the entire mRNA population from a small number of embryos is amplified while preserving the relative abundance of(More)
TAL1/SCL is a hematopoietic-specific oncogene and its activity is regulated by associated transcriptional co-activators and corepressors. Dysregulation of TAL1 activity has been associated with T-cell leukemogenesis. However, it remains unclear how the interactions between TAL1 and corepressors versus co-activators are properly regulated. Here, we reported(More)
Child abuse and neglect remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality among children worldwide. Over the last few decades, there has been growing research in the field of Child Abuse Pediatrics with greater recognition and research into potential diagnostic mimics of inflicted injury. This paper reviews some common skin findings and bleeding disorders(More)
Acute renal failure usually occurs during hospitalization, but may also be present on admission to the hospital. To define the causes and outcomes of community-acquired acute renal failure, we undertook a prospective study of patients admitted to the hospital with acute elevations in serum creatinine concentrations. Over a 17-month period, all admission(More)
We describe short-term and long-term safety studies after low repetition rate magnetic brain stimulation in 10 normal subjects. We obtained quantitative EEG data, psychometric test results, serum prolactin and cortisol levels before and after brain stimulation. EEG and psychometric data were also obtained in 5 of these subjects 16-24 months after the(More)
Aggressive cancers often express E-cadherin in cytoplasmic vesicles rather than on the plasma membrane and this may contribute to the invasive phenotype of these tumors. Therapeutic strategies are not currently available that restore the anti-invasive function of E-cadherin in cancers. MDA-MB-231 cells are a frequently used model of invasive triple-negative(More)
Histone modifications play an important role in the process of transcription. However, in contrast to lysine methylation, the role of arginine methylation in chromatin structure and transcription has been underexplored. The globin genes are regulated by a highly organized chromatin structure that juxtaposes the locus control region (LCR) with downstream(More)
Diploid androgenetic mouse embryos, possessing two sets of paternally inherited chromosomes, and control fertilized embryos were used to examine the relative effects of X chromosome number and parental chromosome origin on androgenone viability and X-linked gene expression. A significant difference in efficiency of blastocyst formation was observed between(More)
The abundance and structure of denitrifying bacterial community in different activated sludge samples were assessed, where the abundance of denitrifying functional genes showed nirS in the range of 10(4)-10(5), nosZ with 10(4)-10(6) and 16S rRNA gene in the range 10(9)-10(10) copy number per ml of sludge. The culturable approach revealed Pseudomonas sp. and(More)
Replication fork stalling and collapse is a major source of genome instability leading to neoplastic transformation or cell death. Such stressed replication forks can be conservatively repaired and restarted using homologous recombination (HR) or non-conservatively repaired using micro-homology mediated end joining (MMEJ). HR repair of stressed forks is(More)