Bhavin J. Shah

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To detect and classify the anomaly in computer network, KDD CUP 1999 dataset is extensively used. This KDD CUP 1999 data set was generated by domain expert at MIT Lincon lab. To reduced number of features of this KDD CUP data set, various feature reduction techniques has been already used. These techniques reduce features from 41 into range of 10 to 22.(More)
In this paper, we present an inventory model with stock-dependent demand and deteriorating inventory. It is assumed that the deterioration rate follows a three-parameter Weibull distribution. The strategy of offering discounts in the selling price to boost demand is studied. The optimal discount in the selling price to maximise profit and the effects of(More)
From the last decade, Mobile Agent has been extensively used to detect distributed attack in the computer networks. However, literature survey of existing mobile agent based intrusion detection systems clearly shows poor response time and large agent size as major challenges. In this paper, we discussed reasons and solutions for these challenges. We had(More)
Network security is a hot burning issue nowadays. With the help of technology advancement intruders or hackers are adopting new methods to create different attacks in order to harm network security. Intrusion detection system (IDS) is a kind of security software which inspects all incoming and outgoing network traffic and it will generate alerts if any(More)
Fingerprints offer an infallible means of personal identification. They are the most common and extensive form of biometric identification used at present. The use of fingerprint identification systems has become prevalent. The enormously growing size of fingerprint samples for identification systems has really become an issue these days. Fingerprint(More)
Due to usage of computer every field, Network Security is the major concerned in today’s scenario. Every year the number of users and speed of network is increasing, along with it online fraud or security threats are also increasing. Every day a new attack is generated to harm the system or network. It is necessary to protect the system or networks from(More)
Today's world i. e. either private or public (government) sector totally influenced by Internet and networking for their business, entertainment purpose. But black side of an internet cannot be ignored . Internet makes the door open to the intruders and hackers. Any successful attempt made by intruders in capturing data causes a big loss of(More)
Various transaction activities like air ticket reservation, online banking, distance learning, group discussion and so on are carried out using Internet. Carrying out such activities include exchange of useful data which is to be protected from malicious attacks. If some malicious activities are taking place in the network, it is essential to alert the user(More)