Bhavikkumar Patel

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We discuss monolithic integration of a 100-channel AWG with a 10-GHz channel spacing with 100 Michelson-interferometer-based phase-and amplitude-modulators. The AWG showed approximately 10 dB crosstalk, and the twin-integrated devices comprise a 2 " InP wafer. 1. Introduction Optical arbitrary waveform generation (OAWG) has potential applications such as:(More)
—We report a 10-GHz colliding pulse mode-locked laser fabricated with integrated active–passive waveguides. The laser fabrication adopted a deep reactive ion etching and single-step metal–organic vapor phase epitaxy regrowth process for forming the buried heterostructure waveguide. Clean output pulses resulted from laterally tilting the active–passive(More)
We overview and summarize the progress of the spectral phase encoded time spreading (SPECTS) optical code division multiple access (O-CDMA) technology. Recent progress included a demonstration of a 320 Gbit/ s ͑32-user ϫ 10 Gbit/ s͒ all-optical passive optical network testbed based on the SPECTS O-CDMA technology and a theoretical prediction of the spectral(More)
We introduce a dynamic optical arbitrary waveform generation (OAWG) technique that produces bandwidth scalable, continuous waveforms of near perfect fidelity. Additionally, OAWG's complement, real-time arbitrary optical waveform measurement (OAWM) is discussed. These approaches utilize gigahertz-bandwidth electronics to generate, or measure, truly arbitrary(More)
We report electrical and optical injection locking of an InP colliding pulse mode locked laser emitting synchronized, nearly transform-limited output pulses at 10.3 GHz, fabricated by active-passive integration and a single step regrowth process. Semiconductor mode locked (ML) lasers operating at ~10 GHz have important applications for high-speed optical(More)
We present a novel monolithically integrated all-optical MZI switch for wavelength conversion consisting of MQW based electro-absorbers. The device has the potential of providing low noise and high-speed wavelength conversion. Introduction All-optical switch is one of the key components in ultra fast optical communications. Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI)(More)
We describe a technique for dynamic quantum optical arbitrary-waveform generation and manipulation, which is capable of mode selectively operating on quantum signals without inducing significant loss or decoherence. It is built upon combining the developed tools of quantum frequency conversion and optical arbitrary waveform generation. Considering realistic(More)