Bhavik Nandubhai Patel

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Multisecond oscillations in firing rate in the basal ganglia: robust modulation by dopamine receptor activation and anesthesia. Studies of CNS electrophysiology have suggested an important role for oscillatory neuronal activity in sensory perception, sensorimotor integration, and movement timing. In extracellular single-unit recording studies in awake,(More)
Purpose To test the hypothesis that patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma who otherwise are viewed to have resectable disease but have preoperative findings of extrapancreatic perineural invasion (EPNI) and/or duodenal invasion at multidetector computed tomography (CT) have reduced postoperative survival after pancreaticoduodenectomy for pancreatic ductal(More)
Radiation necrosis in the brain commonly occurs in three distinct clinical scenarios, namely, radiation therapy for head and neck malignancy or intracranial extraaxial tumor, stereotactic radiation therapy (including radiosurgery) for brain metastasis, and radiation therapy for primary brain tumors. Knowledge of the radiation treatment plan, amount of brain(More)
Ultrasound of the thyroid has become increasingly common, with evaluation of thyroid nodules representing the main indication for its use. While detection of thyroid nodules with modern high-resolution sonographic equipment is generally not a challenge, pitfalls may occur by which normal structures or pathology in neighboring organs are mistaken for thyroid(More)
To standardize workflow for dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) involving common abdominopelvic exam protocols. 9 institutions (4 rsDECT, 1 dsDECT, 4 both) with 32 participants [average # years (range) in practice and DECT experience, 12.3 (1–35) and 4.6 (1–14), respectively] filled out a single survey (n = 9). A five-point agreement scale (0, 1, 2, 3,(More)
Patients with renal impairment and/or contrast allergies pose a challenge with regard to diagnostic evaluations. CO(2) may serve as a suitable alternative intravascular contrast agent in these patients with arteriographic applications, including evaluation of peripheral vascular disease, and venographic applications, such as transjugular intrahepatic(More)
PURPOSE Bolus-tracked multiphasic contrast computed tomography (CT) is often used in diagnostic radiology to enhance the visibility of pancreas tumors, but is uncommon in radiation therapy pancreas CT simulation, and its impact on gross tumor volume (GTV) delineation is unknown. This study evaluates the lesion conspicuity and consistency of pancreas(More)
Disease involving the pancreas can be a significant diagnostic challenge to the interpreting radiologist. Moreover, the majority of disease processes involving the pancreas carry high significant morbidity and mortality either due to their natural process or related to their treatment options. As such, it is critical for radiologists to not only provide(More)
Purpose To determine whether single-phase contrast material-enhanced dual-energy material attenuation analysis improves the characterization of small (1-4 cm) renal lesions compared with conventional attenuation measurements by using histopathologic analysis and follow-up imaging as the clinical reference standards. Materials and Methods In this(More)