Bhavik K. Thakkar

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Fenfluramine, an amphophilic compound which is a halogenated derivative of amphetamine, is still used as an anorectic agent for weight reduction, as it acts on the satiety center of the hypothalamus. Holtzman strain rats aged 6 days were daily injected s.c. fenfluramine hydrochloride at the dose of 75 mg/kg body weight. The animals were killed at different(More)
The anorectic compound fenfluramine hydrochloride was injected into young Holtzman strain rats (from days 6 to 40 of life), at the dose of 75 mg/kg body weight. Intralysosomal lamellar bodies (LBs) were seen in the endothelial cells, pericytes, the perivascular astrocyte processes and occasionally in the lumen. The pathology of myelinated fibres varied from(More)
—Design of shear walls is a complex procedure, especially if the cross section of the shear wall is not regular in shape. Shear walls are usually treated like cantilevers fixed at the foundation level. Normally, lift wells are designed as shear walls. The design of shear walls takes horizontal forces into account by shear and bending. Design for shear in(More)
Amelogenesis Imperfecta (AI) represents a group of developmental conditions, genomic in origin, which affect the structure and clinical appearance of enamel of all or nearly all the teeth in a more or less equal manner. AI is a serious problem that reduces oral health-related quality of life and causes some physiological problems. We presented here four(More)
In recent years, Cancer as a disease has grown widely and it has been the major cause of mortality in humans. In this paper the main focus is on a specific type of blood cancer known as leukemia. The detection of leukemia is done via observation of the physical properties of the cells found in the bone marrow smear. This paper proposes novel leukemia(More)
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