Bhaveshkumar P. Patel

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Rapidly growing rate of industry of earth moving machines is assured through the high performance construction machineries with complex mechanism and automation of construction activity. Design of backhoe link mechanism is critical task in context of digging force developed through actuators during the digging operation. The digging forces developed by(More)
An excavator is a typical hydraulic heavy-duty human-operated machine used in general versatile construction operations, such as digging, ground leveling, carrying loads, dumping loads and straight traction. Normally backhoe excavators are working under worst working conditions. Due to severe working conditions, excavator parts are subjected to high loads(More)
BACKGROUND European studies of paediatric foot burns report scalds as the leading cause. Mechanisms of injury are different in warmer climates. We sought to characterize the mechanisms and outcomes of isolated foot burns in our population. METHODS Retrospective review of a prospectively collected database of all children aged 0-15 years presenting to a(More)
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