Bhavesh S Jarwani

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AIM Snake bite is a common medical emergency faced mainly by the rural populations in tropical and subtropical countries with heavy rainfall and humid climate. Although India is a single largest contributor of snake bite cases, reporting is very poor. There is hardly any publication of the same from Gujarat state that is developing at a good pace. Hence, we(More)
INTRODUCTION The use of ultrasound imaging before or during vascular cannulation greatly improves first-pass success and reduces complications, but this skill must then be combined with manual dexterity to perform the three dimensional (3D) procedure of placing a catheter into the deep veins while analyzing the 2D images. Hence this study is an attempt to(More)
Methanol poisoning is a rare but extremely hazardous form of intoxication, generally occurring after suicidal or accidental events. Methanol is a cheap and potent adulterant of illicit liquors. In India, we have witnessed number of mass emergencies due to adulterated alcohol consumption. Although Gujarat State had banned alcohol consumption since 1961,(More)
There have been no published recommendations for the management of low-risk chest pain in emergency departments (EDs) across India. This is despite the fact that chest pain continues to be one of the most common presenting complaints in EDs. Risk stratification of patients utilizing an accelerated diagnostic protocol has been shown to decrease(More)
INTRODUCTION/PURPOSE The outbreak of methanol poisoning described in this paper occurred in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India in July 2009. Our intention is to share the experience of clinical features, laboratory investigations and their relation during this tragedy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Single center, retrospective study of clinical features and laboratory(More)
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