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In this work, we study the design of a precoder on the user downlink of a multibeam satellite channel. The variations in channel due to phase noise introduced by on-board oscillators and the long round trip delay result in outdated channel information at the transmitter. The phase uncertainty is modelled and a robust design framework is formulated based on(More)
—A main challenge towards realizing the next generation Terabit/s broadband satellite communications (SatCom) is the limited spectrum available in the Ka band. An attractive solution is to move the feeder link to the higher Q/V band, where more spectrum is available. When utilizing the Q/V band, due to heavy rain attenuation, gateway diversity is considered(More)
In this paper we study Perfectly Secure Message Transmission (PSMT) between a sender S and a receiver R, connected in a directed synchronous network through multiple parallel edges (called wires), each of which are directed from S to R or vice-versa. The un-reliability of the network is modeled by an Byzantine adversary with infinite power. Thus the(More)
SUMMARY This paper presents achievements of an ongoing activity where the applicability of MIMO to satellite communications with Digital Video Broadcasting – Satellite services to Handhelds as the key application is studied. The potential satellite and hybrid satellite-terrestrial MIMO scenarios are described, and the applicable MIMO schemes for each(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantify the relation between food prices and the demand for food with specific reference to national and household income levels. DESIGN Systematic review with meta-regression. DATA SOURCES Online databases of peer reviewed and grey literature (ISI Web of Science, EconLit, PubMed, Medline, AgEcon, Agricola, Google, Google Scholar,(More)
In the <i>unconditionally reliable message transmission</i> (URMT) problem, two non-faulty players, the <i>sender</i> <b>S</b> and the <i>receiver</i> <b>R</b> are part of a synchronous network modeled as a directed graph. <b>S</b> has a message that he wishes to send to <b>R</b>; the challenge is to design a protocol such that after exchanging messages as(More)