Bhavani Shankar

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This review provides a classification of public policies to promote healthier eating as well as a structured mapping of existing measures in Europe. Complete coverage of alternative policy types was ensured by complementing the review with a selection of major interventions from outside Europe. Under the auspices of the Seventh Framework Programme's Eatwell(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantify the relation between food prices and the demand for food with specific reference to national and household income levels. DESIGN Systematic review with meta-regression. DATA SOURCES Online databases of peer reviewed and grey literature (ISI Web of Science, EconLit, PubMed, Medline, AgEcon, Agricola, Google, Google Scholar,(More)
Recent global fluctuations in food prices and continuing environmental degradation highlight the future challenge of feeding a growing world population. However, current dialogues rarely address the relationship between agricultural changes and health. This relationship is traditionally associated with the role of food in nutrition and with food safety, and(More)
We consider the problem of detecting a sparse random signal from the compressive measurements without reconstructing the signal. Using a subspace model for the sparse signal where the signal parameters are drawn according to Gaussian law, we obtain the detector based on Neyman-Pearson criterion and analytically determine its operating characteristics when(More)
A class of infinite impulse response (IIR) perfect reconstruction (PR) filterbank is obtained with an allpass delay chain and finite impulse response (FIR) matrices at the analysis side. Such a formulation leads to a filterbank that can be optimized to any desired response. For a first-order allpass, the synthesis bank becomes FIR. Design examples showing(More)
Unhealthy diets can lead to various diseases, which in turn can translate into a bigger burden for the state in the form of health services and lost production. Obesity alone has enormous costs and claims thousands of lives every year. Although diet quality in the European Union has improved across countries, it still falls well short of conformity with the(More)
Growing prosperity and changing diets have contributed to a surge in obesity prevalence in China. Previous research has investigated the relationships between BMI and several socioeconomic, diet-related, and health-related variables in China. This study proposes that such relationships are likely to differ along the conditional BMI distribution, and seeks(More)