Bhaumik P Shah

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BACKGROUND Paint thinners containing a mixture of volatile organic solvents have considerable potential for solvent abuse. Deaths from solvent inhalation have been reported but most of them relate to intentional solvent abuse and occur soon after exposure. Accidental death due to unintentional inhalation of solvent vapors can also occur suddenly but more(More)
There have been many exciting new breakthroughs in understanding tumour biology. This has opened up the possibility of personalized treatment for people with certain tumours. The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and K-ras are two such targets that can help classify tumours on a molecular basis and guide treatment decisions. However, there are still(More)
Three marine sponges Halichondria glabrata, Cliono lobata, and Spirastrella pachyspira from the western coastal region of India were compared for their morphometry, biochemical, and elemental composition. One-way analysis of variance was applied for spicule morphometry results. Length, width, and length:width ratio were calculated independently. The ratio(More)
Venous blood flow rate in the lower extremity after applying different pneumatic compression devices was evaluated. Five healthy individuals, aged 21-35, were recruited for this study. The ability of six different pneumatic compression devices to increase femoral venous blood flow velocity was analyzed and compared to that of active and passive foot(More)
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