Bhatnagar Pradeep

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White spot syndrome virus (WSSV), the sole member of the monotypic family Nimaviridae, genus Whispovirus (Vlak, Bonami, Flegel, Kou, Lightner, Lo, Loh & Walker 2005), is a major scourge to shrimp farmers throughout the world, because of its ability to cause 100% mortality in farmed shrimps within 3–10 days (Lightner 1996). It is a double-stranded DNA virus(More)
Tin doped indium oxide thin films were prepared on glass substrates kept at room temperature, by activated reactive evaporation (ARE). Structural, electrical and optical properties were studied for films having different thickness. The resulting films are polycrystalline and show≈ 90 % transmission in the visible region. Hall effect measurements at room(More)
Ten moulds isolated from municipal waste soil sample were screened for pectinolytic enzyme production when grown on pectin containing (YPSS) solid media. Penicillium chrysogenum was selected based on clearance zones and pectinase enzyme production was carried out in submerged fermentation. Enzyme production by Penicillium chrysogenum was higher at pH 6.5(More)
The single crystals of glycinium oxalate are grown by slow evaporation technique and vibrational spectral analysis is carried out using NIR-FT Raman and FT-IR spectra. The ab initio quantum computations are also performed at HF/6-31 G(d) level to derive the optimized geometry, atomic charges and vibrational frequencies of the glycinium oxalate molecule.(More)
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