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Electronic measurement and control instruments incorporating sophisticated micro and macro electronic components operating in the radiation environment of high-energy particle accelerators are prone to radiation induced malfunctions. Many of such devices are now been installed in the containment tunnel of the high-energy electron linac driving the FLASH(More)
Gamma and neutron radiation is produced during operation of linear accelerators. Therefore, monitoring of both radiations is an important issue particularly in linear accelerators. Radiation monitoring is especially important for accelerators such as FLASH or X-FEL, as control electronics is installed in the tunnel and exposed to radiation. Produced(More)
During a long range intercontinental commercial flight from Europe to Australia the neutron and photon dose equivalents have been evaluated using a pair of electronic pocket dosemeters ALOKA PDM-313 and ALOKA PDM-111, respectively. A temperature compensated superheated emulsion (bubble) detector and an aluminium oxide TL-Dosimeter were carried together for(More)
Bremsstrahlung gamma radiation and photoneutrons are produced during the operation of high energy linear accelerators. The functionality of electronic devices that are placed inside accelerator tunnels can be jeopardized because of the negative influence of generated radiation. Therefore, a radiation monitoring system able to gauge neutron fluence and gamma(More)
Gamma and neutron parasitic radiation is produced during operation of linear accelerators, such as FLASH or XFEL. Therefore, a distributed radiation monitoring system RadMon was installed in a few places of FLASH accelerator tunnel to monitor the levels of both types of produced radiation. The measured doses of gamma and neutron radiation are stored in(More)