Bhaswati Mukherjee

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Several generalizations of the two-parameter Weibull model have been proposed to model data sets that exhibit complex nonmonotone shapes of hazard rate function. The present paper focuses on one such generalization referred to as the Weibull extension model in the literature. Complete Bayesian analysis of the model has been provided using Markov chain Monte(More)
To address concerns that ethnic differences in any clinical trial may affect the performance of a treatment, separate clinical trials may be required for different regions. If a drug is approved in one region based on a bigger clinical trial, a bridging study with smaller size may be conducted in a new region to evaluate the similarity of the earlier(More)
Electronic measurement and control instruments incorporating sophisticated micro and macro electronic components operating in the radiation environment of high-energy particle accelerators are prone to radiation induced malfunctions. Many of such devices are now been installed in the containment tunnel of the high-energy electron linac driving the FLASH(More)
Radiation can cause malfunctions and limited life on the electronic systems. For that reason radiation monitoring system plays a key role in estimating the danger and life time of the electronic systems operating in the radiation environment. The neutron radiation online monitoring system based on the bubble dosimeter is presented. Device was tested at DESY(More)
Gamma and neutron parasitic radiation is produced during operation of linear accelerators, such as FLASH or XFEL. Therefore, a distributed radiation monitoring system RadMon was installed in a few places of FLASH accelerator tunnel to monitor the levels of both types of produced radiation. The measured doses of gamma and neutron radiation are stored in(More)
Radiochromic films are now being widely used by radiation oncologists and medical physicists to analyse complex photon field distributions relevant to therapy planning at modern medical linear accelerators. Linear dose response, absence of cumbersome chemical processing and lower cost facilitate the radiochromic films as highly reliable passive radiation(More)