Bhasker Sharma

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In today's internet based application environment digitization is growing very rapidly, with that it is very difficult to secure your own digital assets because all the data on the internet is available everywhere with free of cost and anybody can steal your data and claim its ownership. In current digital scenario not only images, video, and audio are in(More)
The idea of an ad hoc network is a new pattern that allows mobile hosts (nodes) to converse without relying on a predefined communications to keep the network connected. Most nodes are implicit to be mobile and communication is implicit to be wireless. Ad-hoc networks are collaborative in the sense that each node is assumed to relay packets for other nodes(More)
In this paper, a robust substitution technique to implement audio steganography is proposed. The technique resolves the various inherent problems in using traditional substitution techniques. It improves the data hiding capacity while being robust to various intentional as well as unintentional attacks.
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