Bhasker Ram

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High incidence of alpha thalassaemias (estimated from detection of Hb Bart's from cord blood), Hb constant spring (CS) and high A2 beta thalassaemia trait (estimated from normal adult subjects) were detected in 12.6, 15 and 8 per cent people of coastal Orissa (with less than 5% tribal population) respectively. Quantitation of Hb Bart's suggest that the(More)
OBJECTIVES Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the definitive investigation for detection of an acoustic neuroma. It is however an expensive resource, and pick-up rate of a tumor can be as low as 1% of all patients scanned. This study aims to examine referral patterns for MRI screening for patients presenting with asymmetrical sensorineural hearing loss(More)
Flying at altitude soon after myringoplasty may theoretically have an adverse effect on graft take rates owing to variation in external air pressure, together with suboptimal Eustachian tube function, causing graft displacement. We wished to assess the effect of flying after myringoplasty by comparing success rates of patients flying within a week(More)
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