Bhasker Dappuri

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Cognitive Radio is a promising technology for solving spectrum scarcity problem. Design of medium access control (MAC) protocols for Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN) is challenging due to the complexity involved in sensing and accessing the channel. Assuming Primary Users (PUs) to be passive, protocols based on 802.11 MAC has been proposed in the literature.(More)
In this paper we study the role of control/status channel in MAC protocol of cognitive radio networks. To this end we consider three channel access schemes of IEEE 802.11 DCF namely (i) the Basic Access mechanism that uses no control channel and (ii) RTS-CTS mechanism, that uses a control channel for contention and (iii) cooperative Basic Access scheme that(More)
Cognitive Radios are a key to implementing dynamic spectrum access (DSA) wherein a secondary user (SU) can opportunistically access the licensed spectra of a primary user (PU). This paper proposes a new QoS aware MAC protocol with an aim at providing differential transmission opportunities to different traffic classes in Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN). We(More)
Recent advances in physical layer communication techniques, enable receivers to decode multiple simultaneous transmissions. This technique is known as the multipacket reception (MPR). In this paper, we propose an enhancement to the IEEE 802.11ac EDCA protocol for channels supporting MPR for QoS provisioning. We show that in the case of MPR, in addition to(More)
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