Bhaskara Rao

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The aim is to study the clinical, radiological and pathological features of childhood and adolescent meningiomas and analyse outcome prognosticators. A retrospective analysis of the case records of patients less than 20 years of age operated for a meningioma in our institute since 1982 was performed. The variables analysed included age, sex, presentation,(More)
Several studies have examined the relationship between environmental degradation and economic growth. However, most of them did not take into account financial developments and institutional quality. Moreover, Stern (2004) noted that there are important econometric weaknesses in the earlier studies, such as endogeneity, heteroscedasticity, omitted(More)
Fourth ventricle is conventionally accessed via resection of the part of the vermis for total excision of the tumors at the expense of significant morbidity. Numerous avenues have been identified to minimize the morbidity; some of which include transforaminal, subtonsillar, telovelar approaches, etc. These approaches are devised on the basis that accurate(More)
Mulberry is the chief food plant for silkworm further mulberry is also having many active pharmacokinetics principles. DNJ is one of the active pharmacokinetic principles with potent capability of inhibiting hyperglycemia. In our study, we screened some of the important mulberry varieties of south India to identify the DNJ content. Derivatized samples of(More)
Use of a percutaneously-inserted cholecystostomy drainage tube is an effective therapeutic option for acute hyperbilirubinemia in severely-ill adult patients, but to our knowledge has not been previously reported in infants. We describe an infant who developed acute extrahepatic biliary tract obstruction with marked conjugated (direct) hyperbilirubinemia,(More)
The evaluation of the small bowel vascular anatomy of living small bowel donors (LSBD) is usually performed with conventional angiography (CA). Recently, angio computed tomography (CT) has become a valid study of the vascular anatomy for kidney and liver living donors. We studied the applicability of angio CT with 3-D reconstruction (3-D-ACT) in the(More)
It is well known that if A and B are two positive definite matrices of the same order and 0<A<1, then [, A + (1-lX)B < ,-l + -X)BIt is easy to construct an example consisting of two positive semi-definite matrices for which the above inequality is not true when one replaces the inverse operation by Moore-Penrose inverse operation. In this paper, we give(More)
Let H be an m × n real matrix and let Zi be the set of column indices of the zero entries of row i of H. Then the conditions |Zk ∩ ∪k−1 i 1 Zi | ≤ 1 for all k 2 ≤ k ≤ m are called the row Zero Position Conditions ZPCs . If H satisfies the ZPC, then H is said to be a row ZPC matrix. If H satisfies the ZPC, thenH is said to be a column ZPCmatrix. The real(More)
Introduction: Klebsiella pneumoniae has been associated with different types of infections and one of the most important aspects of Klebsiella is the emergence of multi drug resistant strains particularly those involved in nosocomial diseases. Materials and methods: A total number of 800 sputum, 148 pus and 850 urine samples from September 2013 to August(More)