Bhaskara K Mohan Raj

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Blood samples from 103 Kotas and 58 Badagas residing in the Nilgiri Hills, South India, were examined for HLA-A and -B antigen profiles. The Kota group was characterized by fairly high frequencies of A2 and B7 antigens as well as the haplotype A2-B7. The frequencies of Aw19, A28, and Bw22 were found to be higher in Badagas than in Kotas. The results are(More)
Sequencing of genomic DNA and cloned transcripts from the 200-kb human GRINL1A gene on chromosome 15 revealed a complex gene structure comprising at least 28 exons. In one gene model, transcription begins at exon 1 and ends at exon 15b. Another gene model begins transcription at exon 20 and terminates at exon 23, 24, or 28. In a third gene model,(More)
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