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BACKGROUND Orbitocranial complications (OCCs) of sinusitis are uncommon but potentially life threatening. OCCs carry high morbidity, mortality, and significant long-term sequelae. Late recognition leads to even worse outcomes. OBJECTIVE To present four case reports showing that aggressive management of complications of sinusitis-like OCC decreases(More)
Bartter syndrome is a group of inherited, salt-losing tubulopathies presenting as hypokalemic metabolic alkalosis with normotensive hyperreninemia and hyperaldosteronism. Around 150 cases have been reported in literature till now. Mutations leading to salt losing tubulopathies are not routinely tested in Indian population. The authors have done the genetic(More)
The Northeastern region of India including Asom is one of the core area widely recognized as the centre of origin of rice germplasm. It is the largest region exceptionally rich in the rice genetic diversity. The physiographic and agroecological conditions vary in Asom very widely. The physical features, geographical isolation and historical realities have(More)
Airway malacia is uncommon condition having symptoms similar to common respiratory illnesses. Any child having persistent wheeze during infancy should be evaluated for airway malacia. The authors report a case of isolated severe bilateral bronchomalacia managed with tracheostomy and continuous positive pressure ventilation.
Pachymeningitis is a rare disease of diverse etiology mainly affecting the adult population. Only 4 pediatric cases have been reported till now. We report the youngest child with pachymeningitis from India. Our case responded very well to antitubercular therapy with near complete recovery. Antitubercular therapy can be considered in children from endemic(More)
We report an 18-month-old female child with ventriculo-peritoneal shunt related thalamic abscess treated with stereotactic aspiration. Deep seated abscesses are complex due to difficult access and are associated with an increased risk of intra-ventricular rupture as well as antibiotic resistance, a fact which justifies a more aggressive and immediate(More)
Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a rare entity in infants. We report a case of GBS in a 5-month-old girl. The child presented with cough, loose stools, breathing difficulty, and listlessness. The child was treated as pneumonia with respiratory failure. Due to difficulty in weaning from ventilation with areflexia, marked hypotonia, and reduced power in all(More)