Bhaskar Kahali

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Lateral inhibition is critical for cell fate determination and involves the functions of Notch (N) and its effectors, the Enhancer of Split Complex, E(spl)C repressors. Although E(spl) proteins mediate the repressive effects of N in diverse contexts, the role of phosphorylation was unclear. The studies we describe implicate a common role for the highly(More)
Repression by E(spl)M8 during inhibitory Notch (N) signaling (lateral inhibition) is regulated, in part, by protein kinase CK2, but the involvement of a phosphatase has been unclear. The studies we report here employ Tik, a unique dominant-negative (DN) mutation in the catalytic subunit of CK2, in a Gal4-UAS based assay for impaired lateral inhibition.(More)
Analysis of the retinal defects of a CK2 phosphomimetic variant of E(spl)M8 (M8S(159)D) and the truncated protein M8* encoded by the E(spl)D allele, suggest that the nonphosphorylated CtD "autoinhibits" repression. We have investigated this model by testing for inhibition (in "trans") by the CtD fragment in its nonphosphorylated (M8-CtD) and phosphomimetic(More)
Our results, using endogenous mutants and Gal4-UAS driven transgenes, implicate multisite phosphorylation in repression by E(spl)M8. We propose that these phosphorylations occur in the morphogenetic furrow (MF) to reverse an auto-inhibited state of M8, enabling repression of Atonal during R8 specification. Our studies address the paradoxical behavior of(More)
Hairy is a repressor that regulates bristle patterning, and its loss elicits ectopic bristles (neural hyperplasia). However, it has remained unknown whether Hairy is regulated by phosphorylation. We describe here the interaction of protein kinase CK2 and Hairy. Hairy is robustly phosphorylated by the CK2-holoenzyme (CK2-HoloE) purified from Drosophila(More)
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