Bhaskar Ganguly

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Canine transmissible venereal tumour (CTVT) is a contagious venereal tumour of dogs, commonly observed in dogs that are in close contact with one another, or in stray and wild dogs that exhibit unrestrained sexual activity. CTVT represents a unique, naturally transmissible, contagious tumour, where the mutated tumour cell itself is the causative agent and(More)
Pregnancy associated glycoproteins form a diverse family of glycoproteins that are variably expressed at different stages of gestation. They are probably involved in immunosuppression of the dam against the feto-maternal placentome. The presence of the products of binucleate cells in maternal circulation has also been correlated with placentogenesis and(More)
Pasteurella multocida is an important pathogen of animals and humans. Outer Membrane Protein (Omp) H is a major conserved protein in the envelope of P. multocida and has been commonly targeted as a protective antigen. However, not much is known about its structure and function due to the difficulties that are typically associated with obtaining sufficient(More)
Inhibin and follistatin are known to reduce fecundity by inhibiting the actions of activin and FSH. Thus, the immunoneutralization of these hormones is a rational proposal for augmenting reproductive performance. The present study describes a comprehensive computational methodology comprising of a consensus approach of several B- and Th-cell epitope(More)
Contemporary vaccine design necessitates discrimination between the immunogenic and non-immunogenic components within a pathogen. To successfully target a humoral immune response, the vaccine antigen should contain not only B-cell epitopes but abounding Th-cell agretopes and MHC-II binding regions as well. No single computational method is available that(More)
The present Zika virus (ZIKV) pandemic is being associated with increased incidence of microcephaly in newborns. However, a molecular basis for such pathogenesis is distinctly lacking. Comparative nucleic acid sequence analysis showed similarity between regions of nonstructural protein 4B (ns4b) gene of ZIKV and human astrotactin2 (astn2) gene. Based on(More)
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