Bhaskar Biswas

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Root finding is the most time-consuming stage of McEliece cryptosystem decryption. The best method to find the zeroes of a polynomial for cryptographic parameters is the Berlekamp Trace Algorithm (BTA). Our idea is to mix BTA with ad-hoc methods proposed by Zi-noviev. We obtain a significant gain in terms of time complexity for finding roots and so we(More)
Energy conservation has been an important area of interest in Wireless Sensor networks (WSNs). Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols play an important role in energy conservation. In this paper, we describe CSMA based MAC protocols for WSN and analyze the simulation results of these protocols. We implemented S-MAC, T-MAC, B-MAC, B-MAC+, X-MAC, DMAC and(More)
Sentiment analysis of a movie review plays an important role in understanding the sentiment conveyed by the user towards the movie. In the current work we focus on aspect based sentiment analysis of movie reviews in order to find out the aspect specific driving factors. These factors are the score given to various movie aspects and generally aspects with(More)
FANNY is a fuzzy or soft clustering algorithm, where each node in the graph is associated with a membership coefficient, indicating degree of belongingness of each node to different clusters. In this paper, we proposed a method for multiple dimension reduction of feature space of graphs or networks by using Spectral methods for FANNY clustering algorithm.(More)