Bhaskar Biswas

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Root finding is the most time-consuming stage of McEliece cryptosystem decryption. The best method to find the zeroes of a polynomial for cryptographic parameters is the Berlekamp Trace Algorithm (BTA). Our idea is to mix BTA with ad-hoc methods proposed by Zi-noviev. We obtain a significant gain in terms of time complexity for finding roots and so we(More)
Energy conservation has been an important area of interest in Wireless Sensor networks (WSNs). Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols play an important role in energy conservation. In this paper, we describe CSMA based MAC protocols for WSN and analyze the simulation results of these protocols. We implemented S-MAC, T-MAC, B-MAC, B-MAC+, X-MAC, DMAC and(More)
This work proposes a community-based link prediction approach for identifying missing links or the links that are likely to appear in near future. Earlier works on link prediction consider only connectivity pattern or node attributes. We incorporate the notion of community structure in link prediction. An algorithm is designed to account the influence of(More)
Social networks are often studied as graphs, and detecting communities in a social network can be modeled as a seriously non linear optimization problem. Soft computing techniques have shown promising results for solving this problem. In this paper, we have proposed a new approach based on self organizing map to community detection. By using a proper weight(More)