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PURPOSE. To compare computed tomography (CT)- guided core needle biopsy (CNB) with incisional biopsy in diagnosing musculoskeletal lesions. METHODS. 62 men and 50 women aged 12 to 83 (mean, 45) years who underwent a CT-guided CNB were compared with 31 men and 33 women aged 9 to 81 (mean, 53) years who underwent an incisional biopsy. All specimens had final(More)
We report on a 58-year-old woman who underwent total sacrectomy and spinopelvic reconstruction for a low-grade malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour involving the sacrum. One week later, she developed deep wound infection, and the entire spinopelvic reconstruction was removed. At the 36-month followup, the patient had no pain and was able to walk with a(More)
BACKGROUND Metastatic bone disease involving the acetabulum is a debilitating condition causing significant pain and disability for patients. Many methods of reconstruction have been described for treating Harrington class II and III lesions with different results and complications. Our objectives were to report functional results, implant survival and(More)
BACKGROUND After total sacrectomy, many types of spinopelvic reconstruction have been described with good functional results. However, complications associated with reconstruction are not uncommon and usually result in further surgical interventions. Moreover, less is known about patient function after total sacrectomy without spinopelvic reconstruction,(More)
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