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—Resource sharing is a major advantage of distributed computing. However, a distributed computing system may have some physical or virtual resource that may be accessible by a single process at a time. The mutual exclusion issue is to ensure that no more than one process at a time is allowed to access some shared resource. The article proposes a token-based(More)
The last decade has witnessed a tremendous increase in the popularity of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). The major computing challenges of distributed environment become more insidious when we try to address them in mobile ad hoc scenario. The distributed mutual exclusion (DMX) is one of the heavily researched topics of distributed computing. Although, a(More)
Filtering is always the root process in many medical image processing applications. It is aimed at reducing noise in images. Any post-processing tasks, e.g., visualization, segmentation may benefit from the reduction of noise. Bilateral filtering smoothes images while preserving edges, by means of a nonlinear combination of nearby image values. This method(More)
This paper presents a model for traffic volume prediction which can be effectively used for transportation planning, management and security assessment at any time. Fuzzy logic is applied in order to realize effective and efficient traffic prediction. In this paper, 'day' of a week and 'time' of a day are taken as inputs for proposed(More)
A Web Search Engine is designed to search for information over World Wide Web. When user submits a query, the generated information is often very large and inaccurate, that results in increased user perceived latency. In this paper, a novel approach of Definition-based search is being introduced that solves this problem. The proposed system searches and(More)
Software process improvement is recognized as an important part of the software development life cycle. Several contemporary models have been developed to assist organizations evaluate and improve their software development processes and capabilities. This study provide simulation of the existing models (Capability analyze each models along with their(More)
Shallow-ablation of endometrial lining using microwaves has been traditionally indicated as a minimally invasive treatment option for dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB). Known as microwave endometrial ablation (MEA), relevant procedure is used as an alternative to hysterectomy considering its safety, simplicity and effectiveness. In lieu of the prevailing(More)
In this paper, we have proposed the concept of 7-Transistor SRAM. 7-Transistor SRAM has been designed to provide an interface with CPU and to replace DRAM in systems that require very low power consumption. The feature of 7-Transistor SRAM like low power consumption and leakage current have been analyzed with 45nm technology. The comparative study and(More)