Bharti Deshmukh

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AIM Out of various members of heat shock protein (HSP) superfamily which act a molecular chaperon by binding to the denaturing protein thus stabilizing them and preserving their activity, HSP70 are of major importance in thermotolerance development. Thus, present investigation aimed at a screening of HSP70 gene for polymorphisms and possible differences in(More)
The usefulness of a galactose specific lectin from P. tithymaloides was examined to study the hemagglutination pattern in 193 patients with diabetes mellitus out of which 34 cases were of insulin dependent. A control of 72 normal subjects was also included. The hemagglutination titre against a partially purified lectin from P. tithymaloides of control group(More)
AIM One of the major biochemical aspects of thermoregulation is equilibrium of ion gradient across biological membranes. Na(+)/K(+)-ATPase, a member of P type-ATPase family, is a major contributor to the mechanism that actively controls cross-membrane ion gradient. Thus, we examined ATP1A1 gene that encodes alpha-1 chain of Na(+)/K(+)-ATPase, for genetic(More)
Of all the neurogenic tumors, about half are seen in the head and neck region. Schwannomas are benign tumors of nerve sheath schwann cells and are quite uncommon in the oral cavity, rarely occurring in the lip area. A MEDLINE search in the English literature from 1969 to 2013 revealed only 20 documented cases of schwannomas of the lip. Although rare,(More)
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