Bharti Aneja

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Plant biotechnology has great potential for improving target traits in crops. This can be achieved by the production of transgenic crops and marker-assisted breeding. Marker-assisted breeding has gained momentum in recent times since it does not need biosafety regulations. Several kind of molecular markers are available for use in crop breeding, such as(More)
Brassica juncea is an important oilseed crop and drought stress is major abiotic stress that limits its growth and productivity. RH0116 (drought tolerant) and RH8812 (drought sensitive) genotypes were undertaken to study some of the physiological parameters and hsp gene expression related to stress tolerance under drought stress conditions. Differential(More)
Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek, commonly called mungbean is an important pulse crop. Commercial cultivars contain low levels of iron and zinc and it is important to assess genetic variability in the available germplasm for improving micronutrient content in commercial cultivars. The present study was undertaken to study molecular diversity using(More)
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