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— We present a novel scheme to recognize isolated speech signals using certain statistical parameters derived from those signals. The determination of the statistical estimates is based on extracted signal information rather than the original signal information in order to reduce the computational complexity. Subtle details of these estimates, after(More)
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A sensitive and selective method for estimation of trace molybdenum with fairly common reagents has been developed. The Mo-thiocyanate complex is extracted with hexamethyl phosphortriamide and chloroform from 0.75-1.5M hydrochloric acid. The molar absorptivity is 1.76 x 10(4) 1.mole(-1).cm(-1). The system obeys Beer's law at 460nm over the molybdenum(More)
N-o-Iodobenzoyl-o-tolyhydroxylamine has been synthesized and used as gravimetric reagent for direct determination of vanadium(V). The complex dried at 105-120 degrees has the definite composition VO(C(14)H(11)O(2)NI)(2)Cl. The method is simple, rapid, sensitive and selective and gives results reproducible within 0.1%. Precipitation is quantitative at room(More)
N-o-Toluoyl-N-o-tolylhydroxylamine has been synthesized and employed successfully as a gravimetric reagent for direct determination of molybdenum(VI). The dried complex (110-120 degrees ) has definite composition, MoO(2)(C(15)H(14)O(2)N)(2). The method is quite simple, rapid, sensitive and gives reproducible results. The precipitation is quantitative at(More)
We present a simple computational model that works in the RGB colour space to detect moving shadow pixels from video sequences of indoor scenes, illuminated in each case by a fixed yellow-orange source of light. A channel ratio test for shadows cast on non-coloured natural wooden surfaces is proposed that can be appended to the developed scheme so as to(More)
A newly synthesized reagent, N-o-toluoyl-N-o-tolylhydroxylamine is used in a sensitive and selective spectrophotometric method for determination of vanadium(V). The method has been successfully applied to vanadium determination in Mn-Mo-Cr-V steels. The system in 2-6M hydrochloric acid medium obeys Beer's law at 510 nm in the range of vanadium concentration(More)