Bhargav K. Mitra

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A real-time system for the detection and tracking of moving objects that becomes stationary in a restricted zone. A new pixel classification method based on the Segmentation History Image (SHI) is used to identify stationary objects in the scene. These objects are then tracked using a novel adaptive edge orientation based tracking method. Experimental(More)
Baggage abandoned in public places can pose a serious security threat. In this paper a two-stage approach that works on video sequences captured by a single immovable CCTV camera is presented. At first, foreground objects are segregated from static background objects using brightness and chromaticity distortion parameters estimated in the RGB colour space.(More)
We present a simple computational model that works in the RGB colour space to detect moving shadow pixels from video sequences of indoor scenes, illuminated in each case by a fixed yellow-orange source of light. A channel ratio test for shadows cast on non-coloured natural wooden surfaces is proposed that can be appended to the developed scheme so as to(More)
— We present a novel scheme to recognize isolated speech signals using certain statistical parameters derived from those signals. The determination of the statistical estimates is based on extracted signal information rather than the original signal information in order to reduce the computational complexity. Subtle details of these estimates, after(More)
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