Bharathwaj Nandakumar

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Incidence as a measure of risk for development of cancer is a well accepted epidemiological concept which can be precisely defined. The present communication documents an estimate of the current probability of development of cancer for specific age groups as well as for entire life time risk at the India country level for several cancers and 'all sites(More)
The disability adjusted life year (DALY) has been employed to quantify the burden of diseases. This measure allows for combining in a single indicator "years of life lived with disabilities (YLD)" and "years of life lost from premature death (YLL)" . The present communication attempts to estimate the burden of cancers in-terms of YLL, YLD and DALY for "all(More)
Methods In this randomized waitlisted controlled clinical trial, 72 subjects with known cardiovascular risk factors were randomized to receive residential 3 week yoga and naturopathy intervention (n=37) or waitlisted (n=35) to receive the same later. Outcome measures like resting blood pressure, Body Mass Index, lipid profile, fasting and post prandial(More)
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