Bharathkumar Ramanna

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Three groups of crossbred calves were vaccinated with FMD vaccine only, combined FMD + rabies vaccine and rabies vaccine alone. Efficacy of the vaccines was determined by serum antibody assay at different intervals postvaccination. The results of the study indicated that the immune response of animals to a single inoculation of FMD vaccine only as well as(More)
Seroconversion studies were conducted in dogs vaccinated with rabies vaccine, of different age group, sex and breed, with a single and booster doses of cell culture Rabies vaccine. The results of the present study revealed that (i) Maternal antibodies were detected in 40% to 80% of 60 selected pet dogs. However 20% to 60% of the pet dogs did not have(More)
Many applications relay on the different filters for the processing the signal at the different levels their entire operation is depends on the performance of the filter. After increase of the advance VLSI system design the area is important aspect. we cannot tolerate the huge area considerations hence causes the huge occurrence of the faults and failures(More)