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Voice over IP (VoIP) has received much attention in recent years with the promise of lower costs, as well as new revenue-generating services. Cost and services advantages of carrying voice over IP compared to over the current circuit network are made possible by a common high-capacity packet infrastructure for voice, data, and multimedia services. An(More)
In a variety of, overloaded queueing, systems (e+, an overloaded call processing system), long delays can result either in poor service given to the customer or in customers, unknown to the system, turning " bad. " For example, in switching systems, long dial tone delays can result in customers initiating,dialing before receiving dial tone. In this case the(More)
Four fatal cases of cerebral Plasmodium falciparum malaria in English travellers returning from Africa have been seen in the last 13 years. The haemorrhages, accumulations of microglia, and destruction of cerebral white matter around small veins as a result of blockage of cortical capillaries by parasitised red blood corpuscles resemble the effect of fat(More)