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PURPOSE Currently, prediction of survival for non-small-cell lung cancer patients treated with (chemo)radiotherapy is mainly based on clinical factors. The hypothesis of this prospective study was that blood biomarkers related to hypoxia, inflammation, and tumor load would have an added prognostic value for predicting survival. METHODS AND MATERIALS(More)
The radiosensitivity of two variants of the Dunning Copenhagen rat prostatic tumor R3327 was investigated. The R3327-AT variant, which is a poorly differentiated anaplastic, fast-growing tumor, was irradiated both in vivo and in vitro. Following irradiation, monodispersed cells were plated in vitro and colonies were counted after 7 days. The survival curve(More)
In a prospective study of stress injuries of the lower extremities of U.S. Marine recruits, we derived a frequency distribution of stress fractures. The most frequently fractured bone was the tibia (73%), while the single most common site was the posterior calcaneal tuberosity (21%). The natural history of stress fractures by scintigraphy and radiography(More)
Twenty-four patients were investigated for non-organ-specific and organ-specific autoantibodies (Aab) in order to establish a relationship between premature ovarian failure (POF) and autosensitization. Regarding the non-organ-specific Aab, prevalences of clearly raised ANA (42%), nDNA Ab (25%), rheumatoid factors (41%) and smooth muscle Aab (53%) were found(More)
Studies on the Arabian Sea coastal anoxia have been of immense interest, but despite its ecological significance there is sparse understanding of the microbes involved. Hence, observations were carried out off Goa (15 degrees 30'N, 72 degrees 40'E to 15 degrees 30'N, 72 degrees 59'E) to understand the processes that mediate the changes in various inorganic(More)
PURPOSE Radiotherapy, combined with chemotherapy, is the treatment of choice for a large group of non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. Recent developments in the treatment of these patients have led to improved survival. However, the clinical TNM stage is highly inaccurate for the prediction of survival, and alternatives are lacking. The objective(More)
The increased incidence of ovarian cancer in women whose ovulations were not suppressed by pregnancy or oral contraceptives and the increase in the incidence of the disease with the onset of climacterium support the hypothesis that ovarian cancer is an endocrine-related disease. Animal experimental results further support this contention. However,(More)
To visualize the heterogeneity of androgen receptor (AR) and progesterone receptor (PR) expression in ovarian tumors, 61 specimens were studied immunohistochemically using specific mouse monoclonal antibodies. The tested ovarian tumors included ovarian carcinomas of serous, mucinous, endometrioid, undifferentiated, and clear cell types as well as borderline(More)