Bharat Garg

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Energy-efficient design is the prime requirement for modern portable devices as these devices employ compute intensive image/video processing cores which produces output for human consumption. The limited perception of human sense can be exploited to improve energy-efficacy via approximate designs. In this paper, a novel quality-aware Energy-Scalable(More)
COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer (CORDIC) is a unit that is widely used in the applications such as scientific calculators, signal/image processing, communication systems, robotics, 3-D graphics etc. exhibits huge computations and requires large power. This paper presents an approximate low power Repetitive Iteration CORDIC (RICO) architecture that(More)
Benign osteoblastoma is a rare primary neoplasm comprising less than 1% of primary bone tumors.[1] We report a case of a 20-year-old female patient presenting with progressive paraparesis over one year and back pain over the dorsal spine gradually increasing in severity over a year. Computerised tomomography (CT) of the spine revealed a well-defined 3.5 ×(More)
Two hundred specimens from wound infection (surgical and non-surgical) were cultured for the isolation of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. Positive cultures were obtained in 174 (87%) and 26(13%) were sterile. Anaerobes were isolated from 31(17.8%), as single culture in 6(3.4%) and as mixed culture with aerobes in 25(14.3%). Amongst anaerobes, anaerobic(More)