Bharat Chandra Deka

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Twenty ejaculates, 4 from each of 5 native goats, were collected using an artificial vagina, and the effects of glycerol level (4, 6.4 and 9 %) and the equilibration period (1, 3 and 5 h) were studied by split-sample technique. The extender used was Tris egg yolk citric acid fructose glycerol extender. The semen was frozen in 0.5-ml French straws by(More)
The use of radiations for the treatment of keloids was the topic of debate for years. Because of the benign nature of the keloids, surgery (keloidectomy) was treatment of choice. However, the use of surgery alone for arresting the keloids growth does not give satisfactory results due to the high frequency of recurrences. In this study 110 symptomatic cases(More)
The objective of this study was to collect semen from semiwild Mithun (Bos frontalis) bulls using an artificial vagina (AV) and to determine semen characteristics. Collection of semen with an AV was attempted in five Mithun bulls using both anestrous and estrous Mithun females. No Mithun bull mounted an anestrous female Mithun during 60 trials, but(More)
Plasma progesterone profiles were used to assess superovulatory responses in cyclic yaks (n=10) in terms of the number of ovulations and the number of embryos recovered. The animals were synchronized into oestrus following Ovsynch treatment. All the animals received a total of 200 mg Folltropin divided into morning and evening and spread over 4 days,(More)
An attempt was made to induce estrus and ovulation in eight anestrus yaks by use of the Ovsynch protocol. Six out of eight yaks were successfully induced into estrus, and ovulation occurred in all the responding yaks 1-2 days after the second GnRH administration. Out of the six animals that responded to the treatment, two mated naturally with yak bulls, and(More)