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There is no review paper available on Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications to e-commerce to the best of knowledge. This paper is a survey of various AI techniques that are used in the design and development of e-commerce systems. The techniques are categorized into three groups namely, AI techniques for B2B e-commerce, AI techniques for B2C e-commerce,(More)
This paper presents an agent based model for discovery, brokering and allocation of cost effective resources to computational jobs. A wireless grid environment of virtual organizations is considered. Agents are employed to perform resource brokering and allocation tasks. The model is simulated for different wireless grid scenarios, to test its operational(More)
This paper presents a decomposition algorithm for solving the uniform Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP). The algorithm assumes that the initial set of points is divided into subsets and overlapping regions between these subsets. The algorithm starts by considering a subset and find the solution in that subset. The solution in the next subset is calculated(More)
Effective data analysis using multiple databases requires highly accurate patterns. Local pattern analysis might extract low quality patterns from multiple large databases. Thus, it is necessary to improve mining multiple databases using local pattern analysis. We present existing specialized as well as generalized techniques for mining multiple large(More)