Bhanu Hariharan

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In this paper, we develop a parallel Fast Multipole Method (FMM) based solution for computing the scattered electromagnetic fields from a Perfect Electrically Conducting (PEC) surface. The main contributions of this work are the development of parallel algorithms with the following characteristics: 1) provably efficient worst-case run-time irrespective of(More)
The identification of optimal locations for 3 Static VAr Compensators (SVC's) in an IEEE 30 bus system is considered in this paper. The problem is drafted as an optimization task and the solution is achieved through Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). Extensive simulation results are presented to validate the new approach.
We describe the design and implementation of efficient parallel algorithms, and a software library for the parallel implementation of compressed octree data structures. Octrees are widely used in supporting hierarchical methods for scientific applications such as the N-body problem, molecular dynamics and smoothed particle hydrodynamics. The primary goal of(More)
We present faster sequential and parallel algorithms for computing the solvent accessible surface area (ASA) of protein molecules. The ASA is computed by finding the exposed surface areas of the spheres obtained by increasing the van der Waals’ radii of the atoms with the van der Waals’ radius of the solvent. Using domain specific knowledge, we show that(More)
The Primary concern in a Wireless Sensor Network is Energy consumption. The main problem in the network is when the data is sent from node to sink, the data will be lost due to polling point problem or low energy of node. Multi sencar technique is used to overcome polling point problem. In this paper, the tradeoff between energy saving and data gathering(More)
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