Bhalendra Singh Rajput

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The present study estimated the biomass, carbon density and carbon dioxide mitigation potential of different land use systems along an altitudinal gradient in valley ecosystem showing variation in biodiversity because of changing climatic conditions. Seven different land use systems/crop rotations viz., cereal–cereal, cereal–vegetable, vegetable–vegetable,(More)
In the present study, forests at three altitudes, viz., A1 (600-900 m), A2 (900-1200 m) and A3 (1200-1500 m) above mean sea level having normalised differential vegetation index (NDVI) values of N1 (0.0-0.1), N2 (0.1-0.2), N3 (0.2-0.3), N4 (0.3-0.4) and N5 (0.4-0.5) were selected for studying their relationship with the biomass and carbon pool in the state(More)
We observed the influence of five different altitudes and prevailing agro ecosystems on biomass and carbon sequestration potential in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India. The study area had five prevailing land uses viz., agriculture, agro-horticulture, horticulture, silvi-pasture, and forest at four elevations representing about 1 °C temperature(More)
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