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A halotolerant fungal isolate Aspergillus tubingensis GR1 was isolated from the man-made solar saltern located at Khambhat, Gujarat, India, and identified using 28S rDNA partial genome sequencing. This isolate was studied for β-galactosidase production under solid state fermentation using wheat bran and deproteinized acid cheese whey. The influence of(More)
Paenibacillus sabina strain JD2, a chitinolytic marine bacterium, was isolated from sea dumps collected at Sultanpur near Bhavnagar, India and its nutritional requirement for chitinase production was defined using statistical optimisation method. Effect of 8 different medium components on chitinase production byPaenibacillus sabina strain JD2 was screened(More)
β-Galactosidase from halotolerant Aspergillus tubingensis GR1 was purified by two-step purification process comprising ammonium sulfate precipitation followed by size exclusion chromatography (SEC). The recovery of β-galactosidase after SEC was found to be 1.40% with 58.55-fold increase in specific activity. The molecular weight of β-galactosidase protein(More)
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