Bhagyashree S. Birla

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We present a rewiew and also new possible applications of p-adic numbers to pre-spacetime physics. It is shown that instead of the extension IR → Qp , which is usually implied in padic quantum field theory, it is possible to build a model based on the IR → Qp, where p=n+2 extension and get rid of loop divergences. It is also shown that the concept of mass(More)
In this brief paper we justify observations made in El Naschie’s paper ”On the Unification of the Fundamental Forces...”, on the Planck scale, fractal space time and the unification of interactions, from different standpoints. In a recent paper El Naschie[1] has emphasized the intimate connection between the Planck length, the Compton wavelength and a(More)
It is shown that the mysterious quantum prescription of microphysics has analogues at the scale of stars, galaxies and superclusters, the common feature in all these cases being Brownian type fractality. These considerations are shown to lead to pleasingly meaningful results in agreement with observed data.
Gene synthesis is frequently used in modern molecular biology research either to create novel genes or to obtain natural genes when the synthesis approach is more flexible and reliable than cloning. DNA chemical synthesis has limits on both its length and yield, thus full-length genes have to be hierarchically constructed from synthesized DNA fragments.(More)
Two recent findings necessitate a closer look at the existing standard models of Particle Physics and Cosmology. These are the discovery of Neutrino oscillation, and hence a non zero mass on the one hand and, on the other, observations of distant supernovae which indicate that contrary to popular belief, the universe would continue to expand for ever,(More)