Bhagya R. Navada

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In this work an attempt is made for designing a prototype in aid for color blind people in detecting color and edges of a given image which are of similar colors. Color blind people are restricted and even excluded from some professional jobs because of their deficiency to distinguish between colors. Motivation behind this work is to try and reduce such(More)
This paper presents a technique for enhancing the linear range of thermistor. Objective of the proposed work is to (a) make the output of thermistor linear over full scale, by overcoming the saturation effect existing in available sensors, (b) design a multi sensor data fusion (MSDF) framework using thermocouple as another temperature sensor with(More)
This paper presents a technique for analysis of fault in pneumatic control valve. The objective of the paper is to develop a non-contact process for detection of faults in control valve if any, using a camera. The proposed design is designed to identify the faults in valve. Once the fault is identified, the next step is to isolate the fault by indicating(More)
This paper proposes an automated method for segregating and counting the different colored pencils by non-contact method. The proposed work is carried out in LabVIEW platform based on the image processing techniques. This work consists of two parts, firstly classification of pencils and secondly counting the number of pencils. The proposed work is(More)
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