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FOREWORD This is a final report on a study to evaluate the effectiveness of red-light-camera (RLC) systems in reducing crashes. The intended audience is professionals who make decisions about safety programs for intersections. The study involved empirical Bayes before-and-after research using data from seven jurisdictions across the United States to(More)
The effect on intersection crashes of converting one-way street intersections in Philadelphia from signal to multiway stop sign control was estimated. Using crash and traffic volume data for a comparison group, regression models were computed to represent the normal crash experience of signal controlled intersections of one-way streets, by impact type, as a(More)
The Urban Wildlands Group is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit dedicated to the protection of species, habitats, and ecological processes in urban and urbanizing areas. We have a particular interest and expertise in the effects of artificial night lighting on the natural world and on human health. We encourage you in the strongest possible terms to adopt the(More)
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