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Primary adenocarcinoma of the vulva, arising in continuity with the epidermis and unrelated to the underlying mucus glands, is a distinctly uncommon neoplasm. The origin of such an unusual tumor, although attributed to cloacal remnants, remains speculative. We describe two patients with this rare lesion. No other primary tumor was found in either of the two(More)
The ultrastructural and immunohistochemical findings are reported in two ovarian myxomas, one of which was also associated with a sclerosing stromal tumor of the same ovary. Both neoplasms showed a myxoid, moderately cellular proliferation of spindle and stellate cells interspersed with areas of fibrosis and hemorrhage as well as delicate vascular spaces.(More)
BACKGROUND Female genitourinary schistosomiasis (FGS) is widespread in endemic areas causing significant morbidity and mortality. Recent data suggest that FGS of the cervix not only is considered a risk factor for contracting different sexually transmitted diseases (STD), but also plays a significant role in modifying the natural history and immunological(More)
The histopathology of eight cases of sporadic ileocaecal tuberculosis is described with particular reference to caecal lymphoid tissue. Adjacent to areas of ulceration in all cases there was an increase in lymphoglandular complexes (LGC) and proliferation of paravascular lymphoid aggregates deeper in the gut wall. Early and fully-developed granulomas were(More)
Vulvar self-examination was used to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of vulvar neoplasia in eight patients. Five of them were found to have invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva, two had carcinoma in situ, and one had a vulva melanoma. All eight patients benefited from early diagnosis, which allowed definitive treatment and vulvar(More)
This study attempted to delineate the relationship between juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis (JLP) in children and a history of maternal condyloma at the time of their birth. Over a period of 53 years, from 1930 to 1983, 44 children with the clinical diagnosis of JLP were identified. A maternal history of genital condyloma at the time of their birth was(More)
This report describes the case of a 29-year-old Nigerian woman with dracunculosis presenting as an adnexal mass. The patient had a history of two second-trimester spontaneous abortions for which she was being evaluated. During the evaluation, she was found to have multiple uterine leiomyomas and a calcified left adnexal mass by pelvic ultrasound and(More)