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Blackheaded buntings were exposed to constant dim light (approximately 2 lux) for 77 days and subsequently to 12:12 illumination, consisting of either dim light:complete darkness (dl:dk) (2:0 lux) or bright light:dim light (bl:dl) (10, 35, and 90 lux:2, 10, and 35 lux, respectively, with 180 degrees bl:dl transitions) for 2-3 weeks each. Birds were(More)
Experiments were performed to investigate the effects of castration and/or photostimulation on plasma luteinizing hormone (LH) in photosensitive blackhead buntings. Castration evoked a significant rise in plasma LH in birds held under 8 h light: 16 h darkness (8L:16D). On exposure to 18L:6D for 24 d, both the intact birds and the castrates exhibited a(More)
Experiments were performed to study the extent of the involvement of photoperiod in the timing of seasonal reproduction in brahminy myna (Sturnus pagodarum). The reproductive cycle corresponds to annual variations in day length and there is a marked seasonal variation in the photogonadal response of birds, which is evident when birds are shifted from normal(More)
The aims of this investigation were to: (i) study the effect of the length of photoperiod on the timing of onset of gonadal recrudescence and postreproductive decline in photoresponsivity, and (ii) identify the mechanism(s) involved in the initiation of gonadal recrudescence in the subtropical brahminy myna (Sturnus pagodarum). Two series of experiments(More)
Gonads of brahminy myna (Sturnus pagodarum) spontaneously regress in July/August when the daylength is still stimulatory. Experiments were conducted to investigate if photoperiod was involved in the timing of gonadal regression and if photorefractoriness terminated the breeding season in this species. The observations obtained in the present study clearly(More)
In brahminy myna a photosensitive species, long days caused full gonadal development followed by rapid regression, whereas short days inhibited these responses. Experiments were performed to investigate the effects of duration of photoperiod and gonadal hormones on the recovery of photosensitivity to long photoperiods in male birds. Groups of(More)
Data on heights and weights of Indian males and females of various ages are presented. The weights of specific organs obtained from post-mortem records of accident cases of Indian adults and children are also presented to provide some inputs towards formulation of an Indian Reference Man for radiation protection purposes. An intercomparison of the present(More)
A study was carried out in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu (India) to assess the distribution pattern of heavy metals in the soils and plants irrigated with sewage effluent/sludge. About 69 soil samples (surface and subsurface), 65 plant samples as well as 34-sewage sludge samples were collected from various tehsils of Coimbatore. Six tehsils in(More)