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Comparative Experiment on the Erosion Resistance of NdFeN and NdFeB Flexible Bonded Magnets
The applications of NdFeB magnet is limited in a great degree because of the shortcoming of erosion and oxidation, although it has excellent magnetic properties. We have prepared flexible bondedExpand
Quantitative analysis for semi-finished products of barium hard ferrite by XRF
This paper introduces an analytical approach to determination of semi-finished barium hard ferrite with X-ray fluorescence spectrometry(XRF),Comparison was made between sample preparations of theExpand
Determination of Trace Silicon in High-purity Zinc by Butyl Alcohol Extraction Molybdenum Blue Spectrophotometry
At pH=1~ 1.5,yellow siliconmolybdate was formed,and then extracted by butyl alcohol from 0.5 mol/L of sulfuric acid medium.The yellow siliconmolybdate in the organic phase was reduced by stannousExpand
Surface Modification of Fe_3O_4 Ultrafine Particles by Coating SiO_2
Fe3O4 magnetic ultrafine particles were prepared by chemical-precipitiation method, and by subsequent acidizing the particles in sodium metasilicate solution, SiO2-coated particles were obtained. TheExpand
The Methods and Effects of Reducing Cr~(6+) Contents in Plastic-rubber Ferrite Magnetic Powder
On account of high Cr6+ content in domestic plastic-rubber ferrite powder and considering the characteristic of Cr6+ formation in the powder,experiments were performed on reducing the Cr6+ content byExpand
Research on debinding technology of sintered Sr-ferrite permanent magnet by powder injection molding
Powder injection molding technology was used for fabricating sintered Sr-ferrite permanent magnets.Solvent extraction and thermal debinding techniques were studied.The removal of the soluble bindersExpand
Ferrite Electromagnetic Wave Absorbers in GHz Range
With the increase of products for civil use, electromagnetic wave absorber powders have been prepared through conventional powder metallurgy method. The intrinsic magnetic properties and theExpand
Effect of La-Zn substitution on the microstructure and properties of Sr-ferrite powders
Sr1-xLaxFe12-xZnxO19(0≤x≤0.3) ferrite powder for injection molded magnet was prepared using conventional ceramic process,and the effect of La-Zn substitution on the microstructure and properties ofExpand
Comparison and analysis on molding process for anisotropic flexible rare earth bonded magnets
Three nolding processes for anisotropic flexible bonded magnets and their influence on the magnetic properties were compared and discussed in this paper.The advantages and disadvantages of the threeExpand