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BACKGROUND Acute dysphagia is a distressing dose-limiting toxicity after concurrent chemoradiation or high-dose radiotherapy for lung cancer. We therefore identified factors associated with the occurrence of acute dysphagia in lung cancer patients receiving radiotherapy alone or combined with chemotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Radiotherapy, chemotherapy(More)
The authors review the literature about the pathogenesis -still unknown- of Zenker's diverticulum as well as their experience of endoscopic treatment of this disease. From 1964 till 1988, they have treated endoscopically 507 patients, 323 by electrocoagulation, 184 by CO2-laser. The endoscopic procedure is described, consisting in precise division of the(More)
Stridor is the presenting symptom of abnormalities of larynx and trachea in children. The anatomical differences in size and consistency of the larynx play a crucial role in stridor in children as compared with adults. From 1983 to 1988, 81 children (65 males, 16 females) with severe or prolonged stridor were admitted to our hospital. Thorough examination,(More)
A 77 yr old male was referred for dyspnoea and recurrent infections of the lower airways for the previous five months. On the lateral chest roentgenogram a process in the tracheal area was found, and during bronchoscopy a polypoid tumour was seen about four centimetres above the main carina. It appeared to be a benign endotracheal tumour which was removed(More)
Over the years the techniques for endoscopic treatment of Zenker's diverticulum have been improved. Initially, in 1964, we used the electrocoagulation technique as described by Dohlman, but currently we prefer to sever the tissue bridge between the diverticulum and esophagus with the CO2 laser under microscopic control. The results of endoscopic treatment(More)
We report a patient presenting with dyspnoea, cough and fever with a middle lobe atelectasis. Amyloid deposits in the bronchial wall caused almost complete obstruction of the middle lobe bronchus. The patient was treated with neodymium yttrium aluminium garnet (NdYAG) laser photoresection resulting in complete clearance of the middle lobe bronchus. Laser(More)
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